Step by Step Guide of UX Design Process.

What is UX Design Process?

6 steps of UX Design Process

6 Steps of UX Design Process

Step 1 : Understand

  • If you working for an agency then ask your clients
  • Working for an organization then ask the stakeholders
  • Ask for previous research conducted which can include market research, User research, competitor analysis, etc.)
  • Speak to the Product Managers as well
  • Analyze requirements to understand and clarify them
  1. User
  2. Brand

Step 2 : Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

  • an online questionnaire
  • a face-to-face interview
  • or a telephone interview.

Step 3 : Analyze

Step 4 : Sketch Designs

Step 5 : Wireframes and Prototype

Step 6 : Test Design and Iterate

To Sum UP



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