What are Open-Ended Questions? With Examples

And in this article we will explore

  • What are Open-Ended Questions?
  • 5 Examples of Open-Ended Questions.
  • When to Ask Open-ended Questions?
  • How to Ask Open-Ended Questions?
  • Why ask Open-Ended Questions?
  • Open vs Closed Ended Questions.

What are Open Ended Questions?

5 Examples of Open Ended Questions.

1. How can we make this Product/Service better?

2. What goals would you like to accomplish?

3. Tell me about your experience.

4. What challenges or issues you face while using product/service?

5. Tell me something about yourself.

When to ask Open Ended Questions

1. Qualitative Research

2. Usability Testing

3. In combination with Closed-ended questions

4. Job Interviews

How to Ask Open-Ended Questions?

1. Stay Curious and ask

  • Did you like the lunch?
  • Would you buy that bag?
  • Can we go for shopping?

2. Start with close-ended question and follow up with open ended

3. Start a conversation

  • What was it like to…
  • How did you feel …
  • Why you didnt…
  • What are your major concerns…
  • What was the best part of…

Do’s and Dont’s

Why use open-ended questions?

1 — Open-ended questions are less biased

2 — Helps you get clarity in perceptions

3. Open Ended Questions makes the Survey Dynamic

4. Leads to Improved interactions

To Conclude



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